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From Chicago Tribune ( Sept 2012) Money may not buy happiness, but it helps when buying these multimillion-dollar homes   CEO addresses range from downtown Chicago to the Gold Coast and Lincoln Park. In the suburbs, the hot places include the North Shore, the Barringtons and affluent western villages like Hinsdale. In the city, the

Wealthy Americans Upgrade into Pricier Primary Residences in Post-Bubble Housing Market, 37% Own Million-Dollar Homes; Vacation and Investment Property Purchases Also Pick Up Since 2008

I found this article on  Luxury Institue  web site. It is dated July 2011. However, it still reflects the reality – the prices are low, so buy low to sell high   July 5, 2011 Posted in Luxury Market,Press Releases,Real Estate,WealthSurvey Tags: Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, Laurie Moore-Moore, Milton Pedraza, National Association of Realtors —

Fests for the eyes

There’s nothing quite so delightful as a meal enjoyed in the great outdoors. Add a cool breeze off the water and a magnificent view, and you’ve got the makings of a memorable meal. This month, we highlight a few of our favorite restaurants that feature exceptional waterfront locations. So, pull up a chair and enjoy

Rent at the most beautiful buildings in Chicago: Trump International Hotel and Tower

Enjoy the level of luxury only Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago can provide. Soaring 92 stories above the Loop and North Michigan Avenue, our Chicago hotel is a showcase of bold style and engaging design. This year the Trump International became on of the most expensive buildings to rent in. In January 2012 the

Chicago Loop Condos for Sale


Chicago Loop Condos and Urban Luxury Profile If a mirror could talk, and we could ask it who has the fairest luxury real estate of all in the urban mid west, the mirror would likely say Chicago. To find out why the mirror answered with Chicago, we need to take a look at the urban